Learn Nagamese

Learn Nagamese is the best and probably the only app out there that enables you to learn and eventually speak the Nagamese dialect. Start conversing with your Naga friends and acquaintances instantly. It’s fun, effective and addictive.

Master Nagamese in a month – the ONE dialect that is spoken and understood by all the 17 major tribes in Nagaland. Spoken by about 300,000 people on an average, Nagamese is based on Assamese, Hindi, English and Bengali.

While the first four lessons are absolutely free to try out, you can unlock the remaining lessons for a little more than a dollar. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about us. Tag us using #Nagamese to join the conversation.



Learn anytime, anywhere
Learn Anytime, Anywhere
Every lesson includes a variety of visual, translation, and multiple choice challenges.
In-Lesson Grading
In-Lesson Grading
Instantly see if your answers are correct as you move through the various lessons.
In-Lesson Grading
Unlock Lessons
Advance from a beginner to an expert by completing lessons and tracking your fluency score.
It’s Fun
It’s Fun, Effective and Addictive
Learn Nagamese by playing a game – literally. Learning a language has never been so much fun.


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